Year 7s get enterprising!

Year 7 Enterprise Day

Our Year 7s had a great time last Friday on their Enterprise Day. The girls came dressed for business and were certainly in ‘professional mode’.

In the morning they had to construct buildings out of newspapers, unfortunately only one of the buildings was sturdy enough to remain upright for any length of time, it was, nevertheless, a great exercise to build teamwork and get the girls thinking laterally.

The next task was for each team to design a toy to capitalise on the Christmas sales market. There were lots of ideas; a mobile phone specifically targeted at children, collectible toys and also a mixture of products based around the idea of slime. Once they had decided on the product the students then had to decide how to sell and advertise their product. At the end of the session the girls had to present their ideas and each and every one spoke to the whole group of Year 7 girls, fantastic experience in building confidence for public speaking.


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