Year 7 students victoriously attack Warwick Castle!

Thursday 21 June, was the momentous day that 45 Year 7 students victoriously attacked Warwick Castle. They were put through their paces by the drill master where they learnt the art of war, battle strategy and sword fighting, in their training to become knights. They worked as a team to walk in formation and learnt how to protect the King. They discussed different sword fighting techniques that they would need to parry, acted out by their own teachers. Then they went to the Trebuchet Master who gave them the low down on how to fire a this mighty beast of a machine. They learnt the engineering involved in creating, building and firing this device. The Trebuchet Master then gave them advice on how a trebuchet could be used to cause chaos and mayhem in the castle, like throwing over barrels full of bees or snakes, or even the decapitated heads of any emissaries sent to seek peace! After a short break for sustenance the knights of St Mary’s were ready for the off. First, they scouted out the area, discussing how well defended Warwick Castle was, with its high stone walls, ditch, arrow slits, crenellations and machicolations. Then they discussed what had happened in their siege of the castle (in the previous 2 weeks). How they had used their trebuchets, mangonels, ballistas to cause disorder inside the castle. However, they were wary not to destroy the castle, as they wanted to own and use this glorious castle themselves in the future once they had conquered it! They discussed their use of scaling ladders and siege tower, which had failed due to the ditch surrounding the castle. They discussed their attempts at mining the castle but the lack of right angles in their castles towers had saved the walls from collapsing. Finally, it was time to attack by the simplest of methods: walking through the open gates of the barbican! Luckily for them the portcullis’ were not in working order and they did not find themselves trapped in the killing zone, with murder holes and soldiers above them, with arrows and several buckets of human waste to drop on their heads. And so, the St Mary’s knights made it on to the Bailey. To secure their victory they walked the walls to admire their achievements and took a quick tour of the dark, damp gaol.

If you are interested in visiting Warwick Castle with your family this summer, Warwick Castle would like to thank the school for taking Year 7 to visit them this year, by giving all our parents the opportunity to visit for half price. You do not need to have a daughter who is currently in Year 7 to take them up on this offer. You just need to book online with the code ‘SCHOOLS2018’.

 Terms & Conditions

  • 50% off adult / child daytime entry to Warwick Castle from 26 May 2018 – 3 Sept 2018 and all weekends dates in June & July 2018.
  • Discount can only be redeemed online. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or concession or for tickets bought over the phone or on a walk up basis on the day.
  • Admission prices are subject to change
  • Discount is up to 10 people per transaction
  • Child ticket is aged 3-11. Under 3s are free of charge
  • Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over
  • Car parking charges apply and parking is subject to availability

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