Great emphasis is placed on the importance of sport at St Mary’s not only in developing levels of physical fitness which are so important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but in developing the life skills needed to lead happy successful lives.  Sport teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules.  It teaches you lessons about winning and losing and teamwork and team mates, discipline, hard work, commitment and resiliences.  It teaches you how to lose graciously and then go out there and have another go.

Our sports are netball and hockey in the winter and tennis and rounders in the summer but our girls enjoy great success in gymnastics, athletics and equestrian events. We have coaches for badminton, trampolining, football, rugby, swimming, yoga, fencing and many more.

“Mens sane in corpore sano”

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On Monday 27 March, four of our promising students attended an Oxford and Cambridge Admissions Conference held at Epsom...