Philosophy & Routines

Philosophy and Routines

Our teaching and learning in Early Years is underpinned by Montessori principles.

  • We establish a firm foundation for learning upon which everything that comes afterwards will be built.
  • We seek to unlock the hidden potential within each child, to give her the opportunities to develop trust and autonomy which will nurture confidence, self esteem and courage; the ability to embrace new challenges, take risks and use her initiative within an enabling environment with teachers who facilitate her need to learn.
  • We believe that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and we give them the time and space to observe, explore and investigate.

We aim

“… in short, at a total development of the personality; a harmonious growth of all the potentialities of the child, physical and mental, according to the law of its being.” (Montessori, 1965)

In line with our philosophy, girls work in a bright, spacious and stimulating open plan learning environment with quiet study areas for each age group.  They are welcomed from 8.15 am onwards and may stay until 3 pm if they are ready and parents choose this option.



We are delighted that once again our Year 13 students have achieved an impressive set of A level results.