Impressive results at STEM Olympics

Impressive Results at STEM Olympics

A team of four Year 8 students competed in the STEM Olympics at Wycombe Abbey. Over 100 students from the Chiltern and Buckinghamshire area entered this all day (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Olympics competition. The challenges ranged from pure maths and application of science concepts, to practical skills and quizzes. The day was intense but our team took on each task with gusto and had very pleasing results. They had the fastest boat in the “Solar so Good” challenge and won 772 Smarties by using their maths skills to get the closed answer to the number of Smarties in a jar (their calculation was 784). Overall, it was an exciting day that stretched the girls and showed them how well they could do in a variety of challenging tasks. Congratulations to Siyona, Polly, Phoebe and Lucy for their effort and excellent results in this competition.


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