Curriculum (Key Stage 1)


Focus not just on subject learning but also on how we learn

Whilst building core skills in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science, the girls are introduced to key learning skills, such as where to look for ideas and resources, how to manage distractions, how to persevere and when to seek help at challenging tasks.

Small classes mean an individual education

With our commitment to small class sizes teachers build a strong understanding of the preferred learning style of each child and know how to inspire or encourage them to achieve their best.

Not restricted to the National Curriculum

Our curriculum embraces the best of the National Curriculum but is not constrained by it, so that we can explore the girls’ creativity and find opportunities for them to direct their learning to achieve the desired outcomes. Around the core subjects the girls enjoy topic based learning, foreign languages, computing, creative arts and sport. These are enhanced by facilities such as our Forest School, regular trips out and visitors to the classroom.

Flexible learning

Because we focus on each of our girls as an individual, we know her abilities, when she needs an extra push, when she is lacking in confidence or becoming more curious and when she is ready to embrace the next stage of a particular topic. Sometimes she might benefit from being accelerated in one particular area or supported more in another. Our experience shows that by tailoring the educational requirements for each and every girl, she will progress at the optimum rate for her own ability.

KS1 Curriculum


We are delighted that once again our Year 13 students have achieved an impressive set of A level results.