Year 10 girls create businesses for Enterprise Day

Our Year 10s had a very creative and innovative session developing new product ideas to launch and market. The Enterprise Day focuses around helping the students to develop entrepreneurial skills and unde
rstand business ideas; judging from the range of new product ideas and communication materials that the girls developed, it was obvious that they are, indeed, becoming very ‘business aware’. From monthly subscriptions to ‘Petbox’, boxes full of treats for your pet; a range of ‘Lazy’ products to make life so much easier; Glampy Wampy – a very exclusive service for glamping; a step charger that charges mobile devices as you exercise; a mirror to tell you what to wear based on weather conditions and a portable multiple device charging unit. Some of the teams had put together some excellent marketing materials and presented and communicated their ideas very clearly. The teachers came along to vote for their favourite company, with “Petbox” being the overall winner, well done girls!


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E Safety Meeting for girls and their parents

E Safety 2017

Every year the UK Safer Internet Centre supports Safer Internet Day and this year their theme was “Be the change: Unite for a better internet.” St Mary’s participated by giving an assembly to students on Wednesday morning followed by a presentation to parents in the evening, which was very well attended by parents of students across the school age range.

This year we are promoting the use of the internet to show, produce and create videos and images, but also to make people aware of the issues that surround uploading these to the internet. The internet is a very positive place for students to learn from and to produce their own media. However, we also have to be aware of some issues that arise when images are posted online. For example, they could be misunderstood or challenged online by others. An image or

meme that shares a joke might be very funny to the person who created or shared it, but might not be appreciated by others who see it and could even be considered offensive. Positive images

can help build a reputation; negative impressions can destroy one.When posting images be aware of your surroundings, think if the picture contains references that may provide information about where you are. Turn off your location settings on your phone, so that you do not post your location when posting an image online. Think before you post. Look at your privacy settings in each app you use. Remind your child that if they see anything offensive or upsetting online then they should report that content or user to the service. Young people should always tell a trusted adult if they are worried about anything online that has worried or upset them.


Not only were students told about the ways in which to use images online, so were parents. Parents were also asked to question what pictures they post of their children. Cbeebies posted a short video with the following guidance:


“Don’t post photos that might embarrass your child when they’re older

Ask permission before posting photos of someone else’s child

Don’t post photos of your child in school uniform, or outside their school, to avoid identification

Ask friends and family not to tag themselves in photos of your child

Consider what’s in your profile information and the other updates you post

Never post nude or nearly nude pictures of your child, even if you think you’re sharing privately

If you’re posting pictures of your child in recognisable places, turn off location tagging

A good rule of thumb: only post pictures you would be happy to share of yourself”


If you would like more information please visit:

From the presentation:

Safer Internet Day 2017 – Poster for Parents and Carers


App list


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Bronze for U13 team at BSGA competition

Under 13 Team win Bronze

Three gymnastic teams competed in the BSGA Regional Floor and Vault competition this weekend, hosted here at St Mary’s. For the first time we presented an U19 team and our girls did really well, earning a commendable 5th place. The U13 team performed amazingly well in the floor and vault and were awarded Bronze medals! The U11 team competed in the most highly contested age group, and performed excellent routines and vaulted with confidence, very narrowly missing out on a podium place. Congratulations to all the girls for their fantastic performances and we wish them luck as they continue to train for the next competition in March.


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Professional athlete visits Gifted and Talented Sports girls

Professional athlete Dannish Walker Khan

Yesterday Dannish Walker Khan attended St Mary’s School to inspire some of our students in Senior House. He is a professional athlete who competes in the 100 metres, 200 metres and the relay for Great Britain, his greatest achievement to date was winning a gold medal in the European championships.
He ran a practical session with the girls, which was great fun and very inspiring. He had them participating in different sprinting drills and competing in small games. They were very inquisitive about his daily routine, how he prepared for his competitions and what he eats to ensure he performs to his best. It was a very enjoyable and educational experience for the student’s. We wish him luck in the upcoming World Championships

G and T Dannish Walker Khan

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Gold for Alicia at Southern Cross Country Championships

Gold for Alicia at Southern Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to our Year 8 Alicia, who, last Saturday,  won a gold medal at the  Southern Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill Fields in London. Alicia was competing in the U13 girl’s category and her brilliant performance, coming 34 out of 283 finishers, meant that she and her U13 team mates won a gold medal for Chiltern Harriers. Well done Alicia!

sportsmark 2008 Kitemarks_sportsmark

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British Biology Olympiad Success

British Biology Olympiad Success

Congratulations to Anu and Sasha who last week completed the British Biology Olympiad on line exams and were awarded silver and bronze awards respectively. This is the second year running that Sasha has won an award. The British Biology Olympiad is an annual competition run by the Royal Society of Biology for Year 13 students. The specific aim of the competition is to challenge and stimulate students with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents. This year more than 7500 students took part.

Sasha and Anu will be presented with their awards at the award ceremony, which will be held in July at the Institute for Engineering and Technology. Well done girls, fantastic results!


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Charity Week at St Mary’s

Charity Week at St Mary’s!

This week the girls have been having great fun raising money for charity. With each of the four houses supporting their own chosen charity there has been a wonderful variety of events including, film showings, nail painting, decorating penguin shaped biscuits, an assassins game, assemblies to present the works of the various charities and of course a cake sale.

There are lots more photos on our facebook page.


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