St Mary’s Challenge

At St Mary’s we believe that life begins outside your comfort zone

All girls in Senior House are challenged to achieve the St. Mary’s award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level each year.  Participation in at least one extra-curricular activity per term is required, but in reality girls take part in a number of the wide range of clubs and societies on offer.  In addition, they may opt to give back to our School community in some way, for example by helping at Open Day or Sports Day or, in the Sixth Form, helping out in Prep by hearing the younger girls read or rolling up their sleeves and getting messy in the sandpit!

Please click  here for a list of Prep Co-Curricular Activities here and  for Senior House Co-Curricular Activities for Michaelmas Term.

Parents can view full timetables for all the clubs in the “Parents Information” section of the website.

St Mary's Challenge

November 10, 2017New York New York!


Over half term students from Years 7 – 11 enjoyed an Expressive Arts trip to New York.