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Academic Results

St Mary's has consistently achieved excellent academic results in both GCSEs and A levels.

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A Level Results 2014

There was much rejoicing as the girls opened their A level results this morning to see their hard work for the past two years rewarded with grades to be proud of! Once again they achieved a 100% pass rate at A2, with 63.8% of all grades awarded at A*-B and 91.4* at A* - C with all the girls who wished to embark on a degree course securing firm places at the universities of their choice. Many congratulations to them all and our thanks to their parents and their teachers for all their support in helping the girls achieve their dreams!

Mrs Ross applauded their success.“It has been a particularly tense time for Sixth Formers across the country with the abolition of January modules, the varying opinions as to the knock on effect that this might have on results, and media speculation as to whether or not Universities would lower their offers if this happened. I am delighted to see that it has all turned out so well for our girls and grateful to their teachers and parents for the support and encouragement they have given them throughout.

Just some of the highlights which must be mentioned are Genevieve who goes on to study French and Latin at Exeter with grades of A* and two As.  Our Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl both achieved grades A*, A and B.  Emily is heading off to Exeter to study History and Hannah to Nottingham to study Theology and Religious Studies.  Other girls are embarking on courses which include Biomedical Science, Biochemistry, English, Psychology and International Business Studies at universities as diverse as Royal Holloway, Leeds, Birmingham and Oxford Brookes.  I would like to give a special mention to Emily who has secured a place to study Automotive Engineering at Loughborough.  We need more female engineers and I am delighted that we have a St Mary’s girl on her way to becoming one!"

GCSE Results 2014

Click here for 2013 and 2014 GCSE Results by subject

Huge congratulations to our brilliant Year 11 girls on an outstanding set of GCSE results! Almost half of the grades achieved by them (49.4%) were A* and A with 84.5% at A*-B. Mrs Ross was over the moon.

“I am absolutely thrilled for these girls. They have been an incredible year group all the way along and have worked so hard and so enthusiastically. It is wonderful to see them getting the grades they so richly deserve. I am sure that they would also wish me to thank their teachers for their inspirational support and guidance, as well as their parents whose support has been exceptional. I hope that all the girls have a great time celebrating!”

A-Level Results 2013

Girls at St. Mary’s School achieved excellent A Level results this year, with 100% pass rates at AS and A2 level. 42.5% of the grades achieved were at A* or A.

Helena Pickford achieved 3 A* grades and will be reading Chemistry at Oxford. Alice Russell gained 2 A* and 1 A grade and will also be taking Chemistry at Oxford University.

Our A* grades increased to 19% of all grades this year (up from 16% last year) despite a drop in A* grades in the National results (down to 7.6% from 7.9%).

All the girls taking Economics gained A* grades and in Chemistry, Physics, Spanish and Geography, all the students gained A* or A grades. The girls going on to University this year have now secured their places.

Headmistress, Jean Ross said "These results are a real tribute to the hard work of girls and staff and to the crucial support of their parents. They can now move on to the next stage of their education with confidence and I know that they will continue to do well in whatever they do".

Congratulations to all of them. We look forward to hearing about your time at university when you come back to visit.

GCSE Results 2013

Mrs Ross, Headmistress, was again delighted by the excellent examination results achieved by St. Mary’s girls this year.

“There were more smiling faces this morning as St. Mary’s Year 11 girls opened their results and lots of tears - of joy!

Despite the reservations expressed by many of the media that morning, all of our girls achieved and in many cases exceeded, their predicted grades.We are so delighted for all our girls who worked so hard to reach such great heights. Well done!"

41% of all grades achieved were A/A*. A fantastic achievement. Almost 80% of the grades were A* to B and there were particularly good results in the three Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, where all the results were A* to B and in Spanish where all the grades were A* or A.

Several girls arrived in in Festival gear to collect their results before setting off to celebrate in Reading. We hope they all had a wonderful time and didn't get too wet!

2012 GCSEs

In 2012, our students achieved excellent grades for GCSEs with an average of 9.9 each.results

Overall GCSE results

  • 25 % A* grade
  • 56 % A* or A grade
  • 81 % A*, A or B grades

There were some outstanding results by subject; 100% of the grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish were A* or A. The introduction of the iGCSE in Information Technology was also very successful with 59% of the results being A* or A and 88% being A* to B.

2012 A levels

The A level students achieved a magnificent 100% pass rate overall. The girls have all achieved their university places and are going on to a range of degree courses, including English, Economics, Medicine, Physics, Journalism and Biology at universities including Southampton, Imperial College, Oxford, Royal Holloway, Exeter and Cardiff.

Overall A Level results

  • 16% A* grades
  • 49 % A* or A grades
  • 90 % A*, A or B grades

2011 results

The 2011 GCSE and A level results were also excellent. The A level students achieved 29% A* or A grades and 47% grades A* to B. Off the GCSE results, 60% of the grades were A* and A, and 88% were A*, A and B.

Destination of leavers

Here is a selection of Universities attended and subjects studied by St. Mary’s students in recent years:



Mathematics London University, Imperial College
Medicine London University, Imperial College
Computer Science & Management London University, Kings College
History London University , Royal Holloway
Law London University, University College
Film & Television Aberystwyth University
Architecture Brighton University
Medicine Bristol University
Drama Applied Theatre & Education - Central School of Speech & Drama
History Durham University
Chemistry Edinburgh University
Education Studies Exeter University
Music Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Finance Hertfordshire University
Business Management Kingston University
Popular Music Kingston University
French Leeds University
Business Studies Liverpool University
Hispanic Studies Liverpool John Moores University
Drama Loughborough University
Physics Manchester University
Neuroscience with Pharmocology Nottingham University
Wildlife Conservation Nottingham Trent
English Oxford University
Chemistry Oxford University
Law Oxford University
Business Management Southbank University
Criminology Southampton Institute
English & Midwifery Southampton University
Medicine Southampton University
Chemistry Warwick University