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National Science and Engineering Week at St Mary’s

St Mary’s girls donned their safety goggles and lab coats and got into competitive spirits for National Science and Engineering Week last week. All four houses set up a Biology, Chemistry and Physics team and pitted their scientific minds against one another in a series of fun and informative experiments.

The Chemistry teams were given four chemicals; hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide, sodium thiosulphate and starch, which when mixed in the correct way turn the solution a blue/black colour. Their task was to get the right amount of these chemicals so that one beaker would turn blue/black after 15 seconds and then the other three beakers would follow suit immediately. The results of the four Houses’ experiments varied rather a lot, some beakers changing colour very quickly, others keeping us waiting!
The Physics challenge tested not only the girls’ scientific abilities but their musical ones too! They were given test tubes and investigated varying the amount of water in each to decipher the musical note the tube would make when they blew over it. The girls were tasked with creating the right notes to play Happy Birthday all the way through! The results were mostly harmonious!

The Biology experiment involved making a streamlined animal, out of plasticine, that would move as fast as possible through water. The girls had to make sketches with annotations explaining their designs, and then compete to see which model travelled fastest through a column of wallpaper paste.

Results of the challenges are as follows;
Physics – Butler
Biology – Kirk
Chemistry – Temple-West

The girls also took part in a National Science and Engineering Week quiz in their tutor groups with the points going towards the final results which were as follows;
1st place Temple West
2nd place Butler and Kirk
3rd place Latham

Special mention (and a prize) for each year group in the tutor group quiz goes to:
Y12/13 – Shona  (Butler)
Y11 – Emily  (Kirk)
Y10 – Alice (Latham)
Y9 – Beth (Temple West)
Y7 – Danya (Temple West) & Millie (Kirk)

All the above named students received a prize of a box of chocolates and an interesting Science book.


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