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Year 8 Enterprise Day

As part of the St Mary’s Enterprise Programme, Year 8 had a day off timetable developing their entrepreneurial skills and being creative.  They worked in small groups, each one representing a company.  After deciding who was best for the job of ‘Managing Director’, each team chose girls to fill the roles of Finance Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director and Research Director.  Then, after some quizzes, videos and activities to inspire creative thinking and to learn about business and entrepreneurship, and in their roles, they tackled the challenge for the day.  They were set the task of creating a new environmental product or concept that might be developed in order to help schools to become more environmentally sustainable.  Having done this they then had to create a logo, a slogan, a range of coordinated marketing materials, undertake some basic finance calculations and put together a trade stand and a short presentation.  Quite a lot, all for one day!  The girls did themselves proud and proved to be highly creative, confident and great team workers.  Their ideas included an energy creation system built into moving doors, a waste disposal system, environmental learning aids plus ideas for reusing and recycling.

Presentations were of a high standard and the trade stands were attractive, businesslike and effectively displayed their work and ideas from the day.  The girls learned a lot about business and the process of creativity, but above all, had fun.  A great way to end the half term.

The teams were:

Group 1 Barbies; Ciara, Hannah, Olivia, Lydia, Orlaith

Group 2 McFlurries; Grace, Chloe, Phillipa, Emily, Amelia, Alicia

Group 3 Sabada; Rhia, Isobel, Casey, Jayde, Daya

Group 4 Tortoise; Emily, Tamsin, Olivia, Jazmin, Simran, Tate

Group 5 Snow Leopards; Zara, Annicke, Maya, Jemima, Lucy

Prizes were awarded as follows:

Best Presentation – Snow Leopards (right)

Best Teamwork – Barbies and Team Tortoise

Best Trade Stand – Sabada

Most Creative – McFlurries

Some of the girls’ comments from the day;

Daya “I liked being able to pitch our idea verbally”

Lydia “I liked the independence we had”

Tamsin “I liked setting up the stall”

Phillipa “The best bit was when the groups showed their day’s work”


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