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  • Whole School Open Day: Saturday 10 October

    With a special A-level Drama presentation…



TB or not TB? That is the Question.

A group of year 11 girls have embarked on an exciting research project, ‘TB or not TB? That is the Question.’ They are working alongside Dr Bhakta and his team, including Arundhati Maitra, from Birkbeck College, University of London.

Having been successfully awarded a grant from the British Institute of Technology and E-commerce, the girls are developing their microbiological skills and studying the effect of medicines like ibuprofen on the growth of bacteria. Since October half term the girls have learnt how to prepare and stain samples of bacteria to view under the microscope, and how to make up multiwall plates, using the SPOTi technique, developed by Dr Bhakta, to test a range of different concentrations of the drug being investigated. The girls are now developing their own series of experiments based on this technique, and will be presenting their findings with Dr Bhakta in a World TB Day 2015 presentation. Click here  to find out more.




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